About Us


GenXSP is a hosting, consulting and support services company, which specializes in the development and implementation of productive computing systems. Through computerization, GenXSP provides workable, flexible solutions to clients’ real world needs. GenXSP has served a wide variety of companies, ranging from small, growing businesses to multinational corporations, governmental, and academic institutions.

Specializing in local/wide area networking (LAN/WAN) and systems integration allows GenXSP to be truly expert in providing complete consulting and implementation services to organizations, using these technologies. GenXSP understands the needs of technical computer users today as well as the various hardware and software options available to satisfy those needs. Offering unbiased consulting and support services, GenXSP is uniquely positioned to provide these clients with the best solutions to their computing needs.

GenXSP provides all clients with the comfortable assurance that their computerization objectives will be met. A wealth of experience in the area of network and stand-alone systems support and programming form the basis for GenXSP’s technical expertise. GenXSP complements this background with a deep working knowledge of many commonly used software applications. In the end, GenXSP offers clients more than knowledge; GenXSP provides service backed by first hand, in depth use of the systems most often used by clients.

Founded in 1986, the company’s strong commitment to quality and professionalism has distinguished GenXSP from lesser competitors. GenXSP is proud of the work and satisfied client base generated under this philosophy. The continuing benefits realized by GenXSP clients have prompted their maintenance of ongoing relationships with GenXSP. New clients are invited to contact GenXSP for a better idea of ways in which they might share these benefits as well.


The professionals at GenXSP are skilled at combining common sense, practical business experience, technical expertise and detailed research and analysis abilities to provide real-life solutions that work for each client. The staff consists of consultants, support specialists, and programmers. This combination is ideal for problem solving and the development of integrated solutions.

At GenXSP every client account receives the benefit of supervision and management by one or both of the firm’s two partners. Other skilled personnel are utilized as needed to help each client attain their optimal computer solutions.